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About our Acne Program

Get clear in 3-4 months. At Plumberry Skin Care we offer a program that is specifically designed for acne.  You can have clear skin even if you have tried everything else on the market. 

Acne Treatment



We understand how frustrating it can be to try and fight acne on your own. Here at Plumberry Skin Care we are a certified acne clinic that was specifically created to provide personalized care for clients who have not seen results with traditional methods. We will work with you to design a comprehensive plan based on skin type and lifestyle. Our approach treats acne with professional skin care products designed to treat acne with the guidance and expertise of a licensed skin care specialist. We treat individuals who are suffering from inflamed, non-inflamed, combination acne and folliculitis.


The Program:

  • Review your acne history

  • Discuss diet, home care, lifestyle issues that can contribute to acne

  • Photos of your skin to keep tract of your progress

  •  Review acne treatment program acne treatment plan and expectations

  • Will evaluate  the causes and imbalances  that may be triggering acne (foods, medications, cosmetics, stress)

  • Offer home care education & recommendations

  • Provide an acne deep cleansing facial

  • Prep and skin analysis

  • Exfoliation/Peel

  • Complimentary LED Blue Light Therapy (rejuvenates skin cells heals acne) or High Frequency to boost progress.


We will customize your home care regimen during your first visit. 

For most acne sufferers this will include a twice daily regimen.  

  • You must be willing to ONLY use the professional prescribed home care products. Everything else that is not approved contains inactive pore clogging ingredients. All our acne products are designed to work together in a specific order.  Other products used outside of the daily regime can slow your ability to get clear.

  • You must be willing to use your products as recommended and get facials consistently every two weeks.

  • This program has a 90% success rate with clients who follow it accordingly.

  • We will want to see you every 2 weeks for 6-8 services 

  • Average cost of first set of products is about $150 to $200 which is for 3 to 4 months worth 100% necessary. 


Results: Your commitment is required


You will be provides with all the tools you need and guide you along the way.  Your treatments will be customized for your acne type.  We can not do it all, 80% of your results comes from what you do at home on a daily basis.  


 $65 | 30-45 minutes

Fill out your Consent Forms 
24 hours prior to scheduled appointment